What is a Fragrance Tester?

Testers can be delivered with or without a cap and are usually delivered in various packaging for testers, as was originally produced by their manufacturer. Perfume companies use testers to demonstrate their products. All perfume and cologne testers are brand new and are not used. Take advantage of the significant savings for rejecting a fancy box. Shop now from our wide range of perfume testers.


How long is the shelf-life of a fragrance?

There are no expiration dates on fragrance products, although recently manufacturers have indicated +/- 3-5 years from the date of production. Others say +/- 3 years from date of first use. Manufacturers indicate PAO (Period after Opening) on most of their products.

Over time, contact with air, exposure to sunlight and high temperatures may affect the integrity of a fragrance. To maximize the shelf life of a fragrance, it is recommended that it be kept in a cool, dry place and and away from sunlight. Always place the cap back on the bottle and use the box (if applicable) for additional protective storage.